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1、How to open an account conveniently?

The easiest way to open an account is to open an account online. The process is very simple, and mail can only take three steps:
A, at the website form download, click on the "account opening application form" and complete the required information as required.
B, to submit valid identification and bank card documents (jpg, GIF, BMP, Doc, PDF format, please do not encrypt)
C, scan or take pictures and send it to service@jinyu66.com via email.

2、How many accounts can I open?

An ID card can only open a real transaction account. If you wish to open an extra account, please submit another identification card.

3、Will any fee be charged for opening an account? Is there any minimum capital requirements?

The company opens an account free of charge. The minimum deposit amount for opening an account is $100 only and the deposit for opening an account may be used for transaction at the same time.

4、What do items in the account summary mean?

After you log in the online transaction platform, the [account summary] in the position includes the account, balance, net value, deposit occupied, available deposit, total net profit and loss and margin level.
Account: Transaction account opened in the company;
Balance: Current account capital amount;
Net value: It means the sum of the balance and total net profit and loss, reflecting the dynamic change of the account capital. When the position of all shares is closed currently, the account balance will be the current net value;
Deposit occupied: It means the sum of deposit required by all shares.
Available deposit: It is equal to the net value minus the occupied capital, which means the current valid capital of this account for transaction (the available capital may be applied for withdrawal).
Total net profit and loss: Net profit and loss sum of all current shares

5、Withdraw help

1.Members login, select "out of money", you can enter the gold page. 2. Enter the teller's name in line with your bank account holder. 3. Enter the gold limit. 4. Confirm the gold record. 5. Submit an audit.

6、Which kind of currency will be used for transaction?

The account currency designated by us is the USD. If the customer deposits or withdraws the money in RMB, it shall be exchanged by referring to the market exchange rate published by us. For the relevant details, refer to the precautions for the withdrawal exchange rate. The exchange rate price is fair and open. We will not charge any fee. The precautions for the withdrawal exchange rate are as follows:
Exchange rate source
Exchange of RMB and USD: Refer to the market exchange rate published by us. Exchange of HKD and USD: Refer to the exchange rate published by Hang Seng Bank, Bank of China or Wing Hang Bank.
Exchange rate update cycle
It depends on the market exchange rate.

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